Privacy Screen

Privacy screens are the perfect way to keep your outdoor space private while adding a bright new look. The privacy screen offers people the ability to visually block their property from unwanted intruders and make fences and gates more interesting. Our privacy screens are made of high-quality materials that resist fading, scratching, sun damage, and more. At Zozulu you can choose from a wide variety of privacy screen styles and colors. Browse through our collection of indoor and outdoor privacy screens, from simple to decorative, from budget-friendly to designer-quality designs, brought to you by your trusted source in home design. Privacy screens are a simple and affordable way to give you the privacy you need while still bringing light and color into your outdoor space. They look great on the front porch, back porch, or anywhere where you need a little more privacy while still enjoying the fresh air. Outdoor privacy screens are lightweight, come in many different fabrics, and can be installed by one person with minimal equipment. Sadly, not all outdoor spaces have a fence for a natural partition. So what's a homeowner to do? With our privacy screens, you can turn your less-private outdoor space into a private oasis that is still accessible from the inside of the house. Privacy Screens offers homeowners an easy solution for creating dual use living space with ease. We offer different styles of screens including custom designs to fit any driveway or front porch area. In order to ensure peace of mind, Privacy Screens provides lifetime warranties on our products and is backed by an outstanding customer service team ready with any questions or concerns.
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