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Zozulu is a custom furniture design company that want to make your furnishings as personalized as you desire.
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We are a furniture design company that offers a wide variety of furnishings for your home and office.  Our artists and designers understand the individual and bespoke touch that we want to give to our own homes or offices, and that is how our journey in home furnishing began.  

Why choose furniture from Zozulu?

Have you created your own Pinterest board, thought about colors and designs, layouts, fittings, and furnishes, but you can’t find anything in-store.  Our unique range of furniture sold online is the way to go.

  • The way you want it: why settle for mass-produced items when you can turn your dream into a reality.  With our products sold online, you can purchase all the home furnishing you desire which allows you to turn that mood board into reality.


  • The size you need: do you have that small lounge area, or large outdoor space, and can’t find anything suitable that meets your needs.  Then shopping for furniture online is the perfect solution.  At Zozulu we work with you according to your exact size and space requirements so that you don’t need to shop around for hours.  Consider our website the perfect one-stop-shop.


  • The style you desire: If your home is modern and contemporary you can choose from our metal or chrome items.  If your style is more luxurious and elegant, we have amazing upholstered furniture to create that plush feel.


  • Shopping by space or area
    When you are wanting to purchase furniture online, Zozulu offers ease of searching by category or area/space that you want to furnish.  Our online store allows you to search within the following areas: Bedroom, Lounge, Dining Room, Indoor , Outdoor , Stands, Office furniture
  • Furniture by category
    Our online store allows you to search by category. Simply click and search within our ranges:
    - Kitchenware (including glasses)
    - Lounge room accessories (including rugs, cabinets, bookcases, TV stands, sofas, decorative pillows, and chairs) 
    - Dining room items including bespoke tables and chairs. 
    - Outdoor design, search by category within our range of over 300 outdoor items (including planter sets, decorative garden bridges, outdoor ottomans, and wishing wells to name but a few).


  • Shop by color
    When purchasing furniture, color often comes into play.  If you have that specific piece of furniture in mind, but you are wanting to match your color palette in your space, our online store allows you to click through a large range of colors, pretty much covering the entire color wheel.


  • Shop according to the material used
    By purchasing furniture online, you can select your preferred material to use.  Be it wood, chrome, metal, stainless steel, plastic, or leather.
    Zozulu offers the best furniture for any taste, style, budget, and desire.   It’s time to make that Pinterest board a reality.