The one place in your entire house that needs a lot of attention is the bedroom where you unwind after a long and tiring day.

Bedroom decor is something that is so personal and yet can go totally wrong if you blindly follow trends. Try to mix and match with readymade things from the market and your bedroom will cease to feel your own. How do you own up this cozy and personal space in the house? The answer is simple. Pure customization!

A fully customized bedroom can speak a lot about you and make the feeling of coming home special.

How do you design your bedroom? For starters, think of what is your favorite color. While some people love bright colors there are many who like the gothic feel. Is yellow your shade or do you want to go for black and purple is a personal choice. Once you decide the shade of your bedroom, it is time to pick the curtains. The color of your curtains need to go along with the wall paint but the shade will hugely determine how much sunlight flows inside the room. If you are a person who likes to sleep in late in the morning you should totally opt for the darker shades while the early risers can stick to radiant yellow, orange or even white.

Get creative with your bedroom furniture as you definitely need all the space you can, to store your belongings.

Bedroom furniture can be tricky if you have limited space. It is tough to stuff in cabinets that can store all your clothes and accessories. It is particularly difficult if you are a collector, or more precisely a hoarder. Built-in cabinets have been around for a long time and these can be a part of your decor too. Customize them with your choice of design and shape and get them manually installed. You can also look up fancy vintage trunks and cabinets for the added space that can double up as a seat or a table as well.

Moving on to your bed; this is, without doubt, the most personal space and it needs all the attention.

It is easy and fun to customize your own bed as you can mix and match self-designed bedsheets, custom pillow covers, and personalized pillows. These are easy to order online and can turn out to be your area of comfort. Your bed needs to cater to your physical and mental needs. The firmness of the bed depends on the spring or the material used. This can highly impact your back and posture and determine whether you actually get a good night’s sleep. Choose well and you will have resolved half of your health issues.

For the most comfortable and personalized bedroom, it is important to decorate it. Stay abreast with state-of-art decoration and transform your space.

While the common photo frames and little souvenirs make a place in your bedroom as items of decor, we ignore other fancy things that you can bring in to liven up your space. Custom headboards are one such addition to your room that we all forget. These custom made headboards can be placed behind your bed to add to the charm of the place. You can get your own printed headboards depending on your choice of design, be it an animal print or printed headboards for kids that can have attractive cartoon characters and vibrant colors. You can keep it simple and classy with amazing shades of the sun or midnight and light it up with small light bulbs. This can be the best mood-setting option as well. You can also choose between custom upholstered headboards that are chic and nice and fit perfectly well for adults and children alike. The beauty of this piece of furniture is that it can be added on at whatever stage in your home renovation and need not come attached with the bed. The headboards are available readily online in different sizes and shapes from twin beds to queen size or even king size beds

While you adorn your room with these amazing printed headboards, you can also add on a customized bean bag and ditch the common chair. These makeup as amazing additional seating space for you or your guests and can be placed almost anywhere in the room.

We do not give much thought to designing our bedrooms as all the energy is spent on making the common areas look prettier. But this personal space can do wonders to how you feel about your day and hence demand added love and care with a range of personalized home decor.