2021 Kids' Room Trends Your Little Ones Will Adore

2021 Kids' Room Trends Your Little Ones Will Adore

Children's room is the one room that parents and kids love to decorate and redecorate around the year. This room empowers everyone to experiment and get creative. Parents and children together conjure ideas that stretch the creativity to limits and sometimes, their ideas even set new trends. Thanks to vivid colors and patterns, the kids’ room enables itself to take on décor that just does not work in bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens.

This decorating freedom is a rewarding experience for several parents and kids. The time spent together, the fun while going through options, and the little arguments are all part and parcel of the creative experience.

As a parent, all you have to do is strike the balance between what is trending and what your little one wants. And to do that, you need to know kids’ bedroom décor trends that are going to rule in 2021.

Here are some tips while you are decorating children’s bedrooms:

  • Simple yet elegant: Kids need free space to run around and play. Here, less is more, and hence, keep the décor simple and furnishing to a minimum. The more space kids have, the more they enjoy. Set up the room with charming accessories and ample space to move around.
  • Lights & tents: Lights bring certain charm with them and kids adore star-shaped lights. Bring the magic home with lights. And who doesn’t love in-room tents and forts? It is like going on an adventure without leaving home. To make it impactful, pair tents and forts with glittering lights, colorful flags, and posters.
  • Coloring: Kids love colors. They like playing with it and toy around. As an adult it is difficult to understand what color your little one will want, but not impossible. All it needs is a little time and trying out various colors. If you still feel the choice is hard to make, then a bright and cheerful rainbow of color is your go-to option.
  • A space to draw: Children are constantly drifting in a different world. Therefore, keep a space where they can show their creativity without scaring the walls and furniture.

Now that you know about décor trends, let’s have a look at furnishing trends.

Twin Metal Loft Bed

metal loft bed for twins

Perfectly leaving floor space for other uses just like children want. This contemporary loft bed packs a stylish modern look and elegance. Designed with safety in mind, the bed includes full-length guardrails and a sturdy integrated ladder. Build tents and forts without sacrificing extra floor space with this bed.

Offering space, safety, and style, this loft bed is a flawless choice for your kids’ rooms.

Underwater fish Headboard

headboards for kids

If you are looking to reinvent your kids’ rooms, then this underwater fish headboard is what you are looking for. Delight each day in watching these fanciful fishes dart to and fro. Beautiful artistic rendering is bright in color and grace.

Want some other image on the headboard? We got you covered. You can upload your own image and create your very own personalized headboard.

Personalized Purple Vinyl Kids Recliner with Cup Holder and Headrest

recliner chair with cup holder

Since the pandemic started, kids are spending more time at home. Surprise them with their very own personalized recliner with a cup holder and headrest. Allow them the same comfort that adults experience on this comfy recliner that is just their size. Let your child know that they have a place to sit when the family gathers in the living room for TV and movie time.

Personalized Small Solid Hot Pink Bean Bag Chair for Kids

bean bag chair for kids

Filled with refillable polyurethane foam beads, this lounge chair easily conforms to your children’s body for an incredible seating experience. With the personalization option, let kids have more fun when they are tired of running around by claiming their own bean bag.

Kids Blue Plastic Folding Chair

blue plastic folding chair

Another space saver product that was specifically designed to allow children more room. The textured seat ensures safe and comfortable seating, and the chair is light for your kids to move around.

Animated animals Roller Shade

animals roller shades

Shades just got more beautiful and vivid. Your kids will love this animated animal roller shade straight from the movie Rio.

Modway Single Pillow in Patch

single pillow

Simple pillow covers are for adults but this pillow in patch adds that sheen which brightens kids’ rooms. Its watercolor-inspired petal arrangement withstands the elements while delivering a stand-mouthpiece to accent your children room's décor.