Smart Desks - Here's Why Every Office Needs Them

Smart Desks - Here's Why Every Office Needs Them

A sedentary lifestyle is an open invitation to several diseases. Numerous studies have concluded the fact and we know that with certainty. The transition from intense labor to sitting all day long did not happen in a day or a year. First, there were open floor factories around the 1920s, then came personal cubicles around the 1980s, and finally, the flexible and collaborative spaces of the twenty-first century. The core of this transition lies in the design and layout of the office workstation.

Though the lifestyle has changed by several degrees, we cannot go back to less effective, more expensive ways of the old. What we can do is find a way around and improvise as mankind has kept doing throughout the ages.

What is Smart Office Furniture?

Since the invention of IoT devices, they have been implemented in almost everything possible. Furniture is no exception. According to one study, there will be as many as 26 billion IoT devices connected to furniture by the end of 2024. The furniture having IoT devices implanted are smart office furniture and they are making office healthier, convenient, and productive space.

A high-tech hybrid workplace designed to improve overall office space and processes to be better and faster and smarter is smart office of the future.

Nestor – a technology analyst firm, has predicted the steep increase in demand for smart office furniture till the middle of this decade.

How Smart Desks improve office performance?

Smart desks are gaining traction and they are a new trend among office spaces. These desks remind employees to stretch their legs and back to ensure wellbeing. They have IoT devices in them and also offer workforce to connect their devices.

Here are some distinct advantages of smart desks:

  • Productivity: Smart desks are equipped with electronic components that alert or remind employees of their tasks or responsibilities, thereby increasing productivity by several folds. They keep employees focused on the task and also draw the line between their personal and work life.
  • Accessories: Smart desks have a wide array of accessories and one of the prime examples is a stationary bicycle. With it, employees can get a healthy dose of cardio while working. Other examples of accessories are lamps, pencil/coffee holders, tape dispensers, and almost everything an employee needs while in the office.
  • Adjustable height: As discussed before, sitting all day long has severe effects on the body. The exclusive feature of smart desks is adjustable height, enabling the user to sit or stand as per the need. These desks ensure employees stand and sit throughout the day and therefore, they are essential for improving overall health.
  • Improve mood: Since employees will be sitting and standing throughout the day, this switching prevents pain and permanent damage to their bodies. the change in position improves blood circulation and hence, improves the overall mood of the employees. Also, smart desks are better looking than an average desk. They create an impression of the future and that is a powerful point to impress potential clients and employees. The tech-savvy generation will adore them.

Which are the best smart desks?

Smart desks from Zozulu can help transform office spaces and enable employees to be healthy and fit. With only a push of a button, our smart desks can bring the future of office furniture today.

We have handpicked four smart desks for transforming office spaces:

Autonomous A3-A13 Novelty Height-Adjustable Smartdesk

autonomous standing desk

Loved by thousands of people and companies, our Autonomous A3-A13 Novelty smart desk is a perfect choice. Coming in black color, this desk is easy to assemble and should be up and running within 30 minutes.

Autonomous A3-A9 Novelty Height-Adjustable Smartdesk

height adjustable work desk

Sporting bamboo color and remembering 4 different height positions, the Autonomous A3-A8 Novelty smart desk is a flawless choice to share with others without sacrificing comfort. It works with both standard 110-120 voltage and 220 voltage and automatically adjusts itself.

Autonomous A1-A12 Novelty Height-Adjustable Smartdesk

smart standing work desk

Room for all monitors and gadget, and with 300-pound lifting capacity, this smart desk allows to set up as many monitors as one wants along with all gadgets and accessories. The tabletop is 30-inch-deep, offering ample space to get the employees going.

Autonomous A1-A9 Novelty Height-Adjustable Smartdesk

smart standing desk for work

Silent in motion with advanced noise cancellation engineering sound level at only 39 dB during movement, Autonomous A1-A9 Novelty smart desk sports classic white color. It has the most energy-efficient sit-to-stand frame only 0.06 Watt standby power consumption.