Choosing the Perfect Chandelier For Your Home

Choosing the Perfect Chandelier For Your Home

A chandelier is among those products that give your home a rich and classy statement. That sparkling, glittering mood setter of the room holds a strange sway on the people and they can’t, just can’t stop wondering about it. Surely, the chandelier remains the center of attraction.

To sum it up, a chandelier is that piece of art that adds a perfect finishing touch to your home, morphing home into an absolute beauty.

The decorative ceiling light is often embellished with beadings and crystals, enhancing its gorgeous effect and wooing your guests. Chandelier comes in all shapes and sizes with stunning designs and finishes, making a robust statement of style and, of course, the striking, extraordinary effect on the eyes of watchers.

If you are looking to add a pinch of elegance and luxury to your home, a chandelier is an impeccable choice.

Now, you might be tempted to get one directly and install it in your home. But here we must exercise patience, because a chandelier does make your home lovely, choosing the wrong one will only stick out like a sore thumb.

So, let’s find out how to choose the right chandelier for your home.

Choosing the right one

Listed below are three deciding factors that you need to answer before booking a chandelier.

  • Where to hang: Perhaps the most important factor, deciding where to hang chandeliers is the key to choosing. You need to take into account the style and functionality of the room. This factor will define the kind of style and design you need.
  • Appropriate Size: Humans tend to go for bigger ones be it chandelier or anything. But here, it can backfire as we have mentioned earlier, the chandelier will stick out like a sore thumb. Too big or too small won’t cut it. You need the perfect size according to the room size and style.
  • Brightness: You need to consider the lumen output of a chandelier. It is determined by the space’s dimensions. A chandelier can be the sole lightning source in the space or you can pair it up with other light sources depending upon lumen output and create a unified effect that has a different charm altogether.

To help you choose the best chandelier, we have drafted a list of 5 chandeliers. These are handpicked pieces that are sure to leave you in awe.

Modway Transpose Rope Pendant Chandelier

Rope chandelier

Transpose’s uniqueness lies in it out of the box orb design. A delicately curved structure is wrapped in a durable rope that sports iron metal light sockets and a height-adjustable chain.

Transpose mimics the contemporary farmhouse design, making it a perfect choice from a dining room or in the foyer. Lit up your home in a unique, charming style that most homes lack.

Modway EEI-2899 Volley Pendant Chandelier

Silver Volley Pendant Chandelier

Unveil a star with 24 beams of light. It is assured to dazzle even those people who fall short on words. Based on a mid-century design, a volley pendant chandelier illuminates your entryway, dining room, and living room.

Change the mood with this funky, retro vibe chandelier emitting rays of brilliant light. Its sunburst silhouette is complemented by 24 exposed bulbs.

Modway Shine Pendant Chandelier

Shine Pendant Chandelier

An intricate diamond-shaped pendant chandelier is a seamless option to lighten the dining room table, center of a living room, and entryway. Its extraordinary wireframe design makes it one of its kind décors. Suspend over the dining table and let it work its magic. Shine pendant casts an open globe’s silhouette that is mesmerizing to watch.

Lightweight and extremely budget-friendly, this chic piece of décor is a must-have.

Modway Resolve Brass Pendant Chandelier

Resolve Brass Pendant Chandelier

Shooting out 18 brass metal rods from the spherical center that vary in length, resolve brass pendant chandelier sports a uniquely crafted design. Another mid-century inspired design is a piece of contemporary décor that goes hand in hand with the modern styling of a living room, dining room, and entryway.

A versatile chandelier augmenting your home’s beauty is your go-to opportunity, anytime.

Modway EEI-2909 Halo Pendant Chandelier


A halo pendant chandelier is a rare piece of décor that reflects brilliance throughout the home. Built to lighten your living room, foyer, dining space, and bedroom. Its modern style and design complement the beauty of modern structures.

Chrome-plated steel frame, white glass shade, and a cluster of acrylic balls responsible for creating a halo, halo pendant chandelier is perfect for any setting in your home.

Now you know how to choose the right chandelier for your home and you have also the choices to choose from. Before buying one, imagine how it would look like so that you can have a flawless chandelier in your home.