How would it feel if you can come back from work and dive into a super comfortable cotton mountain? Our body deserves every moment of relaxation and this is precisely what modern-day bean bags are designed for.

This ideal piece of a chair is one that can mold into the shape of your body. Bean bags work on this idea!

The reason that makes bean chairs the most desired thing for both adults and children is the number of benefits they come with. All pre-designed and personalized bean bag chairs for children and adults are filled with hundreds of polystyrene balls. These, almost shapeless, custom bean chairs can be used almost anywhere; at home or in the office space, or even at restaurants and cafes. These bean chairs work perfectly for those who have long work hours on the computer or if you have any persistent posture issues. With the right custom bean chair, you can focus more on the task at hand and keep the pain at bay.

Design your own bean bag to get a holistic customized feeling at home or work.

Bean bags come in a wide variety of designs and patterns. But now you can get something designed just for you with a whole range of personalized bean bag chairs in all shapes and sizes. Depending on your choice or the design of the room you can opt animal prints, modern art, cartoon print bean bags, and plain colors. Get creative with animal prints and choose from multiple options like cow print bean bag, leopard print bean bag, and others. If you are not sure about sticking to one design, you can also opt from personalized bean bag chair covers like the zebra print bean bag cover.

Your kid will not need a huge trampoline once he/she has a fun bean bag to bounce on.

Whether it is a mini bean bag or a personalized large bean chair, children find comfort and one of their best playmates in these shapeless chairs. Get one of those funky personalized bean bags for kids and toddlers to add to a child’s room. The child bean bag chair can be placed in multiples in the room to make space for a bunch of kids. It can be the child’s personal reading space and can act as one huge cushion on which the child can drift off to sleep as well. The colorful and vibrant bean bag covers for children will make the room light up and look different each day. Match it with the child’s favorite color, the color of the wall or favorite cartoon or movie character, making the bean chair the perfect toy for the child.

Invest in the right kind of bean chair tailored to your sense of comfort and listen to your body thanking you forever.

  • The size of the personalized bean chair is the first thing to consider. It should not be too small or too big for you. Usually, bean bags are one size fit all, but some may be too big for you, making you sink in and difficult to get out of and the others may be too small, barely fitting you in. Look out for the types of bean bags like for adults or children or sizes like large or extra-large. At times manufacturers may also put in the diameters. With some research, you can find the best fit online.
  • Depending on the purpose, you can choose different types of bean bags. If you want to relax and watch TV or it’s for a child, then you can choose the basic sack shaped bean chair which lets you sink right in. To rest your back, you can choose the pear-shaped bean bag which allows you to stretch your legs. Check out the pancake bean bag that can also be used as a table. Kids get a wide variety of shapes like sunflowers, dolphins, apples, etc.
  • Check out the material of your custom bean chair. Usually, people opt for vinyl or plastic as these last longer and are easy to clean and maintain. Leather, faux fur and suede look great, but you need to be extra careful with spills and stains.

With their popularity, bean bags are available almost everywhere, from small local shops to bigger furniture showrooms. You can also find a great variety online with an option to customize as per your design, shape and size choice.

Bean chairs are perfect for active and lazy ones. They are low maintenance and affordable. All you need to do is pick them up from one corner of the room and throw in the other corner due to their ability to fit in anywhere. Plop yourself on one of these fun chairs and let your body relax!