How many of us have those spacious houses in cities today? Even if you do happen to land on a sweet deal with some extra square foot, deciding on the right kind of furniture is always an issue. While you are struggling with minimal furniture plans, making space for an ottoman is something that may not be the most natural thing to do. But do you know that this elegant piece can serve as a multipurpose investment?

Whether you need a footrest or a table that can be doubled up as a small couch or a substitute storage space; Ottomans come in different shapes and sizes and can be used for all these purposes either individually or together. The versatility of ottomans makes it a perfect fit in your living room, bedroom or at an office in the reception area or a personal cabin. Depending on the print and the customization that you choose, you can fit them almost anywhere.

While this piece of ancient furniture has its roots in the Turkish empire, the modern-day ottomans come in a range of prints and patterns. You can customize the cover to your choice of imprints. You can opt for one from a wide range of animal print options like a black and white cow print ottoman, or a leopard print or zebra print with variations in shape like the animal print cube ottomans. It is available in the chic Paris print or the more ethnic tribal print ottoman as well. These varieties of prints help you match the ottomans with the other furniture in your house like a printed bean bag chair or the window blinds to maintain the synergy and give a character to your place.

Finding the right spot for your patterned ottoman is not as challenging as you feel. The beauty of this elegant addition to your space is the fact that it can be placed at any spot in the room. Here are a few ways to find the right ottoman for your space:

  • The small square or round ottomans, also called glider ottomans, can be placed in front of your personal couch and serve as your footrest.
  • Place it in the center of the room and it can be doubled up as a center coffee table ottoman to keep newspapers and books and can also serve as the additional seating area when you have guests over.
  • If the ottoman is built with internal storage space, it can be placed in any corner of the room. Place it in an office space and add on to the charm of the space while storing all excess documents and office supplies in the built-in drawer.
  • Place the tufted ottoman at the foot of your bed and store your extra pillow and bedsheets here.

This sturdy piece of furniture is a lasting investment. Ottomans never go out of style. They are not only customizable to fit the location and theme but are also kid-friendly with cushioned smooth edges. They add to the beauty and can convert a simple room into a quirky, ethnic or modern space. With the current lightweight and portable options, you need not worry about transporting and moving them around. A perfect combination of ease and charm with affordability as an added quality, ottomans are a must-have in every space.