Ottoman- A Blend Of Art And Style

How many of us have those spacious houses in cities today? Even if you do happen to land on a sweet deal with some extra square foot, deciding on the right kind of furniture is always an issue. While some of us like to stick to basics, most of us want to add some character to the rooms. If you stick to the common ideas of a sofa, a couple of chairs and a table, you will not do justice to the place. It is time to think out of the box and look out for those hidden options that can bring your space to life.

Change the way you decorate your house with some new-age ideas and witness the transformation.

While you are struggling with minimal furniture plans, here are some of the tried and tested along with some innovative tips to find deck up your living room in the right way.

Custom ottoman with storage

  1. Move out those heavy sofa sets with giant hand rests and choose from a range of more minimalistic wooden sofas.
  2. Make use of the wall mount feature of your television set and do away with the cabinet below it.
  3. Watch out for those chic foldable dining table attachments and make this feature a need-based option in your house.
  4. Finally, look out for those vintage ottomans that can serve multiple purposes in your house. The small square or round ottomans, also called glider ottomans, can be placed in front of your personal couch and serve as your footrest. Place it in the center of the room and it can be doubled up as a center coffee table ottoman to keep newspapers and books and can also serve as the additional seating area when you have guests over.

Ottomans are back and are finding their way in more living rooms than you can think of. Whether you need a footrest or a table that can be doubled up as a small couch or a substitute storage space. The versatility of ottomans makes it a perfect fit in your living room, bedroom or at an office in the reception area or a personal cabin.

While this piece of ancient furniture has its roots in the Turkish empire, the modern-day ottomans come in a range of prints and patterns.

You can customize the cover to your choice of imprints. You can opt for one from a wide range of animal print options like a black and white cow print ottoman, or a leopard print or zebra print with variations in shape like the animal print cube ottomans. It is available in the chic Paris print or the more ethnic tribal print ottoman as well. These varieties of prints help you match the ottomans with the other furniture in your house like a printed chair or a couch or the window blinds to maintain the synergy and give a character to your place. You can also get in your choice of artwork and customize your ottoman to suit your eye for design.

How do you make vintage stuff like ottomans stand out in your house? With the right lighting!

Light up the house with reflected and warm shades to add in the right mood for an evening siesta. Opt for false ceilings lights as they soothe the intensity and change the tone of the light. When reflected on the walls and the furniture in the room, you can see a stark difference in the ambiance. Mood lighting is another way of getting some tailored ambiance for any occasion.

While living rooms struggle for space, it is the bedroom that can be a challenge as you try to figure the right balance between giving it a personal touch and fitting in everything required with style. Look out for these options if you are trying to make the most of your personal space:

  1. One of the most common ways to cut down on heavy furniture in the bedroom is opting for built-in cabinets. There are numerous options that exuberate modern and ethnic styles doubled up with secure locks.
  2. Get in the right size of the bed and avoid placing it in the corner of the room.
  3. Look for the elegant mirrors that can be leaned on the wall instead of hanging them up. These mirrors can be placed on the dressing table as well. This saves the wall from unnecessary screw holes and gives you the option to move the unit whenever you want.
  4. If the ottoman is built with internal storage space, it can be placed in any corner of the room. Place the tufted ottoman at the foot of your bed and store your extra pillow and bedsheets here.

Add in some greens to your space and lounge on the sofa with your feet propped up on the ottoman. Getting in plants and flowers in the house can truly elevate your mood and bring in life to your conversations.

Classic furniture like ottomans, vintage mirrors, and built-in cabinets never go out of style. They add to the beauty and can convert a simple room into a quirky, ethnic or modern space. Ottomans come in lightweight and portable options, saving you the trouble of transporting and moving them around. A perfect combination of ease and charm with affordability as an added quality, they are a must-have in every space.