Ensuring that the optimum amount of light reaches your room is as important as any fancy home decor additions you bring in.

Windows and the size or the type of window say a lot about you as a person. Something as simple as a window can determine your personality trait or some part of it. Are you a french window person or a basement window person? Do you like bright curtains or dark ones? But with the many customizable options available in the market, why would you let your house be at the mercy of the basic open and close window curtains?

Bringing in fully customizable roller window shades that define your love for house and work with your preferences with regards to room lighting!

Before we get on to the reason why you should have roller blinds in your house, let’s look at the basic difference between blinds and curtains.

While a curtain is a single or multiple pieces of cloth that hang from a rod and allow you to open or close depending on the amount of light you want in; a blind can be lifted up and down with the help of a rod or some other mechanism. Curtains are basic fabrics that fall in folds and blinds come in a whole range of material depending on your choice. You can use wood, bamboo or vinyl slate as per your comfort. So why would you choose designer blinds over the pretty curtains? One of the most obvious reasons is that blinds need not be pulled up totally to let light in. You can simply open the slits to let in some portion of light and secure your privacy. This mechanism is simply brilliant and works wonders not only at home but in all kinds of spaces like offices, shops, malls, etc.

Stopping at basic blinds or Roman blinds as they are called is a sin. Take a look at roller blinds and change the way you look at your windows!

While both Roman and roller blinds are similar in their purpose; that is block sunlight or let sunlight come in and protect your privacy; the roller blinds do come with their own set of advantages. Roller blinds are totally customizable, as are the simple blinds; but these can be also adjusted for their translucency. The customized roller blades can be adjusted for how translucent they are. So now you can get the perfect view of the outside world while keeping the blinds completely shut. This illusionary effect is perfect to enhance the look of your room and amaze your guests. These custom printed roller blinds come in all kinds of designs as per your requirement. You can share your design choice whether it is beautiful scenery, or wildlife or your favorite movie and get your own personalized printed roller shades. You can also get creative and look for ethnic or geometric print blind and add on to the character of your home decor.

These custom blackout blinds are perfect for movie time in the house when you do not want any light coming in the room. They can actually create a total blackout in your room and you can recreate the mood of the room as per the occasion.

Custom blinds and roller shades come with new-age mechanism, something at your fingertips!

Gone are the days when you had to keep rolling or pull the string of the blinds, getting u from your seat and walking across the room to the window. Many of these custom roller blinds come with fully automated opening and shutting system which can be operated from anywhere in the room. All you need to do is relax on the couch or lay down on your bean bag and control the amount of sunlight with a remote device.

A good roller blind is not hard to find if you know where to look online.

Whether it is a fully automated roller blind or a manual one, make sure you get the right deal. The durability and longevity of the blind depend a lot on the material used. Make sure you do not cheap out on a good material for the blinds. Since we are controlling sunlight, it is time we think about the UV rays as well. Look out for the new high-tech blinds that can protect you from harmful UV rays with a special layer of coating.

Go online and browse through the multiple roller blinds and shades and transform your house right now.