2021 Interior Design Trends – What To Pick

2021 Interior Design Trends – What To Pick

Home décor constantly evolves with every passing year. The big and noticeable changes happen over time, but those subtle and small are happening every now and then. New trends make their place when a new year comes in full swing. To keep abreast of these trends, we are giving you a wholesome list of interior design trends.

Decorating is a tough task; however, redecorating is even tougher. Because now you have to employ premutation and combination to find those perfect fits. Sounds like a lot of work! Color combinations, type of setting, interior styles i.e. whether to go for mid-century, antique, contemporary, etc. Daunting perfectly defines all this hustle. But in the end, when all pieces of the puzzle are in place, it is all worth it.

So, the best way to pick trends in 2021 is based on your mood and preferences.

Without any further ado, let’s get busy picking those trends that will be defining your interior décor in 2021.

Contemporary Style

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Modern style is rather a broad term to define architecture and design. All modern styles, however, converge on a common line, blend material, technology, and composition that enable authenticity along with state-of-the-art designs - Autonomous A3-A9 Novelty Height-Adjustable Smartdesk.

As we are moving ahead in 2021, reinventing our relationship with space and aesthetics is a must. Because today’s styles are a sophisticated overlay of the functional program, compositions, and articulated lines and shapes. Stunning visuals and simplicity are the foundation of contemporary style designs.

Go for modern styles if you are enthusiastic about incorporating technology and material together to create a bold statement.

Light Woods

interlocking deck tiles

Light woods, whether Scandinavian blonde or rustic light oak, wood tones are making a comeback in 2021. Uplifting and easy to design, light woods go hand in hand with a modern look, making the space cozy and comfortable.

You can use the material to cover floors - VIFAH V353 Interlocking Acacia Plantation Hardwood Deck Tile 6-Slat Design, walls, and even ceilings. A seamless choice if you want to highlight multipurpose space.

Throw in some touches of your own with teak and mahogany adding typical dark shades complimenting your lighter tones. By mixing and playing around dark and light tones, you can bring forth warmth and lively textures, augmenting the feeling of more space since such hues are notoriously famous for creating an illusion of a bigger room.

Grandmillenial Style

outdoor rocking chair

Did the Grandmillenial trend catch you off guard? No wonder. It has been on the rise since 2020 as people were craving a sense of nostalgia. Grandmillenial is a twist on the popular granny chic style. The style is for those millennials who are too bored of monotony. The whole idea is to collect things from the past and incorporate them into their home.

Should this style interest you, you can combine modern design with the décor you saw in your grandparent’s home - WE Furniture Outdoor Rocking Chair. From elements of velvet sofa to needlepoint to floral curtains and cottagecore to crochet, you can bring back anything you fancy and make a bold statement with this style.

Grandmillenial trend is growing stronger as 2021 is advancing because now everyone a piece of the past.

Earth Tones

natural Chiavari chair

Beige, brown, burnt umber, terracotta, etc., are gaining popularity as people are looking to add earth tones in their homes. Earth tones are bringing old vibes back and are renewing interest in shades of brown. Tones are proving popular as they are going seamlessly with an accent wall, tiles, and key furniture piece - Advantage Natural Chiavari Chair.

If you are planning to paint in the new year, swap some colors with beige or greige. The trick is to keep it subtle and not going overboard. Also, take care that the rest of the décor in the room or home complements the tones well.

Recycle Plastic

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2021 is witnessing the use of recycled plastic in enhancing home décor. By creating a sustainable modern design, the trend is using reused materials, bioplastics, and materials that have a low impact on the environment.

This trend is perfect if you are wishing to introduce plants in your home. To get that natural feeling and look, use recycled plastic as tree planters and have a home garden on your walls. Not only it looks astounding, but you can also have a breath of fresh air along with some fruits and veggies.

If plastic is not your choice then, of course, wood planters do the job - Shine Company Oval Cedar Barrel Set.

All these styles are trending décor suggestions. What suits your taste and preference is going to define the best style for your home. All these trends are ready to be incorporated into your home and also are ready to spice up your space.